The light weight characteristics of PALLITE® saves money on freight, fuel costs and carbon emissions.


Air freight

plane transComparison cost example:

Airfreight cost £2.00 per kg

6kg (Pallite Air) vs 19kg (Wooden Air) = 13kg x £2 = £26 per pallet saving.

Plus fuel surcharge of £1.50 x 13kg = £19.50 saving.

Total saving per pallet shipped £45.50.

Road freight

lorry trans40 ft trailer with 52 pallets on board

25kg wooden pallets  = 1300kg

6kg Pallites = 312kg

Weight Saving = 988kg

So for a journey from London to Rome (1094miles)

Save 30 litres of fuel and 98kg CO2e per load in carbon emissions.


Contact us to find out how much you could be saving, switching from wooden or plastic pallets to our alternative pallet.