Pallite® Pallet Box

Pallite box header

Maximise your capacity with this revolutionary stackable pallet box, purpose-built to withstand the challenges of rail, sea, air and road transport.

Designed using the same technology used for the Pallite® pallets, this range of pallet boxes pushes the boundaries and uses when compared to wood / cardboard pallet boxes. 

Double Stack Your Pallet Boxes And Carry More In Your Lorry Without Fear Of Crushing Your Load

Using the honeycomb technology the Pallite® Pallet Box is able to carry heavy weights in a stackable format and this means you can fully utilise the space in your lorry without fear of the load beneath being crushed.

Say Goodbye To Damaged Product And Protect Your Load In Transit

A 25mm thick wall, top and bottom will protect your load during transit and whilst being manoeuvred.  If your load is delicate or expensive, then why risk by just wrapping it or using thin corrugated walls.

Increase profits by saving weight and reducing you transit costs

Typical weight of 16kg compared to wooden pallet and corrugated box of 20kg

Other headlines where we can use our features script:
  • Collapsible design allows more empty pallet boxes to be transported
  • Maximise your storage space
  • Perfect for overseas transit
  • Be sustainable and proud!

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