ISO 14001

The Alternative Pallet Company Ltd is leading the market place into a more sustainable future. As a company we recognise that all our business activities, products and services have the potential to cause an impact on the environment. Our philosophy is to endorse our ambitions, therefore achieving accreditation to the environmental standard ISO 14001. ISO 14001 sets out our vision and is the main driver towards contributing to a cleaner environment.

Through a programme of continual improvement, we commit to the following: setting of environmental aspects, objectives, targets and programmes.

ISO 14001

Preventing pollution.

Monitoring and review of energy saving practices in the workplace.

Complying with all legal and other requirements to which we subscribe.

Adopting the waste hierarchy approach of eliminate, re-use, recycle.

Endeavoring to work in conjunction with both suppliers and customers to reduce waste.

Promoting environmental awareness among our employees.


ISO 14001 complements our overall plan of promoting sustainable business practices, objectives and targets.

Whilst gaining ISO 9001 Part 1, we continue to develop our systems and practices towards full accreditation.

View our environmental policy here.