Your carbon footprint

Current Situation

The 2008 Climate Change Act established the world’s first legally binding climate change target in the UK, aiming to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050.

How can the UK achieve 80% reductions by mid-century?

It requires a strategy of moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy which will also help the UK become less reliant on imported fossil fuels and less exposed to higher energy prices in the future.

The recently launched IPCC Report clearly states, “warming of the climate system is unequivocal,”and concludes that climate change is already happening. The report warns that countries are ill-prepared for the impacts this will have on food security, water supplies and human health.

The report has been received by our politicians as a‘wake-up call.’Energy Secretary Ed Davey suggests that “everyone should be worried about the impact of climate change,” saying it will cost Britain and the world “a huge amount if we don’t act.”Ed Davey has warned that the UK must act now to ensure that climate change doesn’t end up ruining the country’s economy.

Why is positive action to mitigate climate change impact so important for businesses?

Many businesses imbibe sustainability into their vision and mission by directly involving the management to integrate sustainable solutions and improvements into the daily operations and business activities. 

Sustainable business practices:

  • Will help to “future-proof” your business by delivering savings to the bottom line, whilst driving top line growth.
  • Align with the global call to action on climate change and contribute towards building a low carbon economy.
  • Align with your clients’ sustainability strategies to consolidate existing business and open up new business opportunities.
  • Enhance your company image and CSR positioning

The Alternative Pallet company is ideally positioned to assist companies actively reduce their environmental impact and deliver cost savings. We can assist in placing a “Commercial and Carbon Lens,” on your packaging and logistics activities, to identify those HOTSPOTS where immediate cost and carbon savings can be delivered. We can help you implement a strategy to enhance the economic and environmental performance of your business.

The Future – Do you identify your business as a Visionary or Leader in your sector, or a Follower?

The global carbon footprint is an aggregate of every individual’s footprint and the ever increasing number of, “Climate Change Events,” around the world serve to highlight the need to drive sustainability in every individual’s daily activities.

Regulatory measures have already been introduced in the UK that are making it incumbent on the management to mitigate and reduce environmental impact of the business. The price of carbon within the business, is now a board room discussion with a clear intention to take carbon out of the business where possible.

For example, “The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme,” that focuses business on improving energy efficiency and reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. It is designed to raise awareness of energy management amongst non energy intensive businesses and encourages positive changes in business ‘best practice’ employee behaviour and other stakeholders’ behaviour.

The Paper Pallet Company are already working with “Visionary Leaders” of multinational and International Corporations who have recognised both the commercial and environmental benefits of introducing a change within the business to switch their long established pallet usage to Pallites.

For example: A UK manufacturer is expecting to make an annual saving of some £5m and 9000tCO2e by switching to Pallite usage within the business.

To find out how you can this growing list of Visionaries and Leaders and introduce a positive change within your business that will serve the environmental agenda as well as your commercial strategy, contact us here.