Carbon Reductions

The 2008 Climate Change Act established the world’s first legally binding climate change target in the UK, aiming to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050.

How can the UK acCarbon hieve 80% reductions by mid-century?

It requires a strategy of moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy which will also help the UK become less reliant on imported fossil fuels and less exposed to higher energy prices in the future.

PALLITE® being lightweight actively reduces environmental impact in logistics, thus contributing to both commercial and carbon savings.

Regulatory measures have already been introduced in the UK that make it incumbent on the management to mitigate and reduce the environmental impact of the business. Carbon reduction within a business is now a board room discussion with a clear intention to take carbon out of the business where possible.

The Alternative Pallet Company is already working with “Visionary Leaders” of multinational corporations who have recognised both the commercial and environmental benefits of introducing a change within the business to switch their long established pallet usage to PALLITES®.

Contact us to find out how by introducing a switch to PALLITE® usage within your business can serve the environmental agenda as well as your commercial strategy.